Getting a Chance to Play

Today I had kiddos needing extra snuggles and time with me on the couch, which is really hard for me because I like to be moving and getting things done in the morning.

The downtime did give me a chance to watch the kids play their video games. They’re always asking me to watch them play, so it was a nice chance to get to do so.

They were playing a game they recently talked me into because it has a lot of dialogue in captions and they could practice their reading skills. They know how to get me!

I started watching them play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and oh my goodness. Nothing like the Zelda games we grew up playing on the Game Boy, right? Ha!

So now I have my own game going on my WiiU profile and it is just as much fun as exploring in the old flat-lay, black and green lcd screen of the old Game Boys!

Of course I showed the kids a picture of a Game Boy and had them watch a YouTube video of the Zelda I knew and loved. I love how we can revisit some of our own fun from childhood!

Have a great weekend and play some games with your kids!


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